January 2015

  • Exciting news!

The long awaited new hospital in Gonaives has opened for business!  Our surgical team did 50 surgeries there this past January.

  •  New Hospital

The Canadian Government was the prime mover for the construction of the new hospital and training of hospital personnel on the  new equipment.  We have formed a liaison with them to help teach where we can and are invested in the success of this exciting new resource for the city of Gonaives.

Press Release


November 2011
  • Web Store opened!

We are pleased to announce the official opening of our Web Store. You can now order Neg Mawon  and Bayonnais Coffee, which is grown in the Republic of Haiti and roasted by Solar Roast Coffee in Pueblo, Colorado, online.

Haitian coffee is unique in its flavor and its history. The beans are purchased directly from Haitian farmers who use organic farming methods and roasted using the sun by Solar Roast.

100% of all gross profit directly benefits Haitians through Health4Haiti.

  • Fundraiser a Success!

Thanks to all our fundraiser was a huge success. We think we raised enough money to meet our obligations to the new clinic, bring much needed donated medical EQ to the hospital, and buy medicines, etc. for another year.

Artist Ed Posa painted a live painting during the evening, which we auctioned off in the auction. Russell Parks performed magic tricks, the auctioneer, Derek Reeves, kept the crowd entertained and on the edge of their seats and put his all into raising money for our work.

Next trip is in January, 14th through the 22nd. We are in full swing planning mode now. Cost of the trip is $1800, which includes airfare. Next trip will be in June (9th or the 16th).
Stay tuned for exact dates! Start recruiting sponsors now or sell some coffee!


October 2011

  • Team arrived in Gonaives

A small team of 7 went to Gonaives for a week to organize the supplies from the container Health4Haiti (through Project C.U.R.E.) sent this summer and to “check in” with it’s status for the first time. More on our blog >>


August 2011


Big Happenings in Health4Haiti


  • New coffee sales

Health4 Haiti launches new coffee sales: Neg Mawon Coffee is grown in the Republic of Hiati and roasted by Solar Roast Coffee in Pueblo, Colorado. Haitian coffee is unique in its flavor and its history. The beans are purchased directly from Haitian farmers who use organic farming methods and roasted using the sun by Solar Roast.

100% of all gross profit directly benefits Haitians through Health4Haiti.

Please visit our Web Store to order coffee online, or contact us at: 



OR, Visit Solar Roast Coffee: 226 N. Main St. Pueblo, CO 81003



For more information, please also see our New Coffee Sales Flyer.


  •  Medika Mamba Pilot Program

Medika Mamba is an energy-dense, highly nutritious peanut butter paste that is made in Haiti using local raw material and local labor. This paste is being adopted by major health organizations, such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), because it is very effective at treating malnutrition and is inexpensive: the 10kg of paste it takes to save a child's life costs around $65.


Meds & Food for Kids, a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the United States and a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Haiti has been instrumental in treating childhood malnutrition with their proven Ready-to-Use Therapeutic food product, Medika Mamba (“Peanut butter medicine” in Haitian Creole). They have started a pilot program to with local clinics in Haiti, and have selected our new clinic, St. Basile Le Grande, as one of their pilot clinics!


See our Big Happenings in Health4Haiti Flyer for more information.


  • Container Arrived

The container we shipped from Denver in June arrived in Gonaives on Friday, August 12th, 2011. It contains medical supplies for the new clinic and the "warehouse" hospital where we do our surgeries, including :

  •  X-ray machine for the new clinic
  • Furniture for the clinic
  • Bandages, supplies of all kinds
  • Computers
  • Ultrasound
  • Lab Equipment
  • EKG Machine
  • Exam Table

May 2011

  • Clinic Inaugurated, Officially Opened

The Grand Opening of the Clinique San Basile Le Grande, Gonaives took place on May 5th, 2011. The ceremony was attended by a crowd of around 100 guests, parishioners, and school children, and 14 members of the Health4haiti team. An elementary school girl read from the Bible, hymns were sung, and speeches were made by Dr Jim Smith and Msr. Christof Chery, engineer. Also recognized was Lisa Carpenter, an architect and member of the H4H team, who designed the bright, beautiful open-space building. (First medical clinic in Gonaives actually designed and built to be a clinic). Pere Max Accime conducted the service, and Blessed the new clinic in the absence of the Bishop, who was detained by a road blockage between Port-au-Prince and Gonaives. Dr Jim cut the ribbon and proclaimed the clinic officially open. A luncheon was held immediately following. After that the Haitian nurse and medical assistant who will be operating the clinic permanently saw patients with the American medical team for the rest of the day.

A special tribute was paid to Dr. Gretchen and Warren Berggren, lifetime contributors to the improvement of community health in Haiti. A plaque now hangs in the new clinic with their names on it.

Another plaque hangs in the clinic proclaiming it as a gift to the people of St Basile Episcopal Church and of Gonaives from Ascension Episcopal Church and St Mary-Corwin Hospital of Pueblo, Colorado and Catholic Health Initiatives.